Anything else will just get thrown away

Send a magnet and it will be kept on the fridge where it will be seen again and again, for years. Send a postcard and it will only be seen once before it's thrown away and forgotten. For your next direct mail campaign add a magnet to your postcard and you'll see a better return for your marketing budget. Postcard magnet mailers give you a power beyond paper! Anything else will just get thrown away.

The Facts about Postcard Magnet Mailers
Though postcard magnet mailers have been rocking the direct mail advertising world for years, there are still a lot of people who don't know exactly what a magnet mailer is. This video covers the basic, powerful idea, and gives specs for our standard products.

What is a magnet mailer?
See what a magnet mailer is, how the magnet is attached to the postcard so that it can be direct mailed and how easy it is for the recipient to remove and keep your magnet on their fridge for long term advertising.

Trade-show Advertising with Postcard Magnet Mailers
Will you be attending a trade-show? Are you looking for ways to make sure it's worth your time and money? Drive traffic to your booth by using a product 56% more powerful than a regular postcard - send a postcard magnet mailer and enjoy "power beyond paper".

How to Mail a Postcard - Direct Mail Design Tips for Postcard Magnet Mailers
This video reviews the basic requirements for designing a postcard magnet mailer to meet bulk mail design standards as set by the Post Office. Topics reviewed include: magnet placement and orientation, indicia or permit placement, required size for the address area, avoiding problems with the Post Office's OCR (optical character reader) and details on how to find additional product templates and answers to your design questions.

Better Together - Add a magnet to your postcard for more effective direct mail
We create more effective direct mail by combining postcards and magnet together. The beautiful full color, high gloss postcard presents your business professionally.  The magnet will be removed from the postcard and kept on the fridge or filing cabinet where it will give your business daily exposure for years - long after a regular bulk mail piece has been thrown away and forgotten. 

What is the difference between the Magna-Peel postcard and the Magna-Seal postcard?
This video shows the difference between the Magna-Peel postcard and the Magna-Seal postcard. Both pieces are approved by the Post Office for mailing. The magnet will not come off the Magna-Peel postcard during mailing. The Magna-Seal postcard is the original product version. The Magna-Peel postcard is the new and improved product and is more popular because it is less expensive (usually about $0.10 per piece) and more user friendly. 

Non-Profit Bulk Mail
Details on how to fill out USPS form 3623. This form is required by the Post Office when a non-profit organization is sending out bulk mail through a third party, such as a print supplier or bulk mail house.  This form gives us permission to send out the bulk mail on your behalf after the permit has been verified by the Post Office.