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What file format should the artwork be provided in?
  • The preferred file format is a press quality PDF (300 dpi). Please include bleeds on the postcard and the magnet of .125”.
  • We can also accept any native Adobe file formats, PageMaker, QuarkXpress, FreeHand or Corel Draw.
  • Please ensure that all fonts are ‘converted to outlines’ or ‘converted to paths’.
  • Please be advised: Word Documents, Publisher documents, and low-resolution images (GIF, JPEG, BMP, etc.) cannot be used as acceptable artwork.
Can you help me design the artwork?
  • Yes, each order includes 30 minutes of free design time. The best way to take advantage of this time is to provide via e-mail or fax all the information you want on the postcard magnet including: company name, contact information, product details or special offers, etc.
  • Please e-mail us with photos you would like used and your logo, etc.
  • We will take these separate elements and combine them into a professional final product and then send over a proof for your review and revision.
  • Please provide high resolution images, preferably at 300 dpi. Low resolution images will result in a pixilated imprint.
Can you print underneath the magnet?
  • Yes.
  • If you want the imprint hidden until the magnet is removed, please make the imprint .25” smaller than the magnet size.
  • We are not able to match the magnet artwork seamlessly with the postcard imprint. There is a variance of .125” of an inch in any direction.
What is your permit number? I want to add it to my artwork.
  • We will add our permit to the artwork when we prepare the proof. Please indicate where you would like to permit placed when preparing the artwork files.
Do you have an artwork template?
Can I request a proof?
  • Yes, a free PDF proof is provided for each order. Click here to view an example. This proof is used to show you color and/or color breaks, but is NOT an exact color matching system. Up to 3 free proofs will be provided.
  • If you need a more accurate proof you may buy a laminated digital proof at a cost of $20.00. Our color press proofs are a close representation of the color of your product. Proofs are sent for next day delivery. The PDF proof must be approved before the paper proof is outputted.
  • Actual printed and laminated product proofs are $60.00. This is a press proof and is an actual working sample of the final product. Product proofs are sent for next day delivery. Product proofs are free of charge for orders of $6,250.00 or more.
Can I use PMS colors?
  • Yes, we can do a spot color match. The setup cost is $40.00 per color. Added colors after a full color imprint incur an additional 10% run charge.
Do you provide copy changes?
  • Yes, copy changes are limited to changing a total of six lines of copy, a photo, and a logo. In addition, the items must all have a common background or main layout that does not change. Copy changes cannot be added after an order is submitted.
  • 1-14 copy changes: $20 each.
    15 or more copy changes: $15 each.
Where should I e-mail the artwork to?

Can you mail magnets?
  • Yes, you can mail magnets. We can attach magnets to postcard with fugitive glue, or under a laminate seal. All of our products are approved by the Post Office and are safe for mailing.
How is your product classified for maiilng?
  • Our magnet mailers are classified as a letter or flat. They mail at automation rates, but are not automation compatible.
How much does it cost to mail a magnet mailer postcard?
  • Current postage rates for mailing a magnet mailer are:
  • Standard bulk mail: $0.273 (200 piece minimum)
    First Class bulk mail: $0.414 (500 piece minimum)
    Nonprofit bulk mail: $0.19
  • Postage rates would be less for saturation or high-density mailings. Magnet mailers also qualify for entry level discounts.
How can I mail at the nonprofit rate?
  • Yes, if you are a nonprofit organization. To send your magnet mailers out at the nonprofit rate you must have received authorization from the Post Office for your nonprofit organization.
  • The Post Office also requires that we provide the following paperwork:
    1. A signed letter of intent on your company letterhead authorizing us to send out the mailer through your nonprofit organization.
    2. We will also need fields 1-6 filled on the form 3623, including a signature. Please e-mail or fax copies of both of these documents to ryan@postcardmagnet.com or 866-298-7106.
Can you just address the mailing then ship it back to me?
  • Yes, we can address, sort and tray your order, and prepare the necessary postal paperwork (such as the 3602), and then send everything back to you so you can take it to your local Post Office for mailing. This is the required method if you want to use your own indicia or bulk mail permit on the piece.
Do you run NCOA?
  • Yes, this service is provided free of charge.
Can you remove duplicates for my mailing list?
  • Yes, this service costs $75.00
Can I buy a mailing list from you?
  • Yes, we sell mailing lists. Please e-mail us with the zip codes and who you want to deliver to, for example, “businesses” or “homeowners” or “households with children” in zip 99999. Almost any criteria is available for searching.
  • We will provide you with a spreadsheet of mailing data and a cost for your review and approval before purchase. Most address lists are only $0.02 per name for one-time use. Lists generated with additional search criteria are usually $0.04 per name.
Can I provide the mailing list for addressing?
  • Yes, the list must be in an Excel compatible format and follow the criteria below. Please send the mailing list to: bulkmail@postcardmagnet.com
What format do I need to provide the mailing list in?
  • The mailing list can only be processed in an Excel compatible format. The data must be divided into separate columns as follows:

    NameInfoAddress 1Address 2CityStateZip
  • The list cannot be processed for mailing unless these items are in separate columns.
  • We are limited to only “Address 1” and “Address 2” columns.
  • For alumni mailings please put the class year in a separate column from the name.
Can you mail to international addresses?
  • Yes, to provide an accurate quote please provide us with a complete mailing list for review. We will process the list and provide an all-inclusive estimate for international bulk mail.
  • Please provide a separate spreadsheet for national and international addresses. Please do not combine the addresses into one master list.
Can you attach a magnet to a postcard?
  • Yes, we can attach the magnet to the postcard under a seal of laminate, referred to as the Magna-Seal postcard, or we can spot glue the magnet to the postcard, using fugitive glue, which we refer to as the Magna-Peel postcard. Both options allow you to send a magnet through the mail.
Will the magnet come off in the mail?
  • Our magnet mailers have been thoroughly tested and passed the United States Post Office approval process. The magnet will stay attached and be safely delivered to the recipient's home.
Can I send a magnet bulk mail?
  • A magnet cannot be sent through the mail by itself. To send a magnet in the mail it has to either be attached to a postcard or sent in an envelope. Our complete postcard magnet mailers can be sent at the bulk mail rates.
Can we use your bulk mail permit?
  • Yes, you can use our bulk mail permit to mail your magnet postcards. We can add the permit to the artwork when we prepare the proof for review.

How do I get my order started?
You can order via fax, e-mail, or online.
To begin your order online:
Naviage to the Products page and click on the "Buy Now" button next to the product you want to order.
Or click on the "Online Order Form" in the "Quick Links" section at the top of any page to navigate to our online ordering system. You can upload your artwork via FTP while placing your order.
To begin your order via fax and/or e-mail:
Please send in the following:
1. A signed order form.
2. Artwork (either press ready files or artwork instructions for design service)
3. A mailing list, in an Excel compatible format.
If we will be addressing and mailing your order, the mailing list must be received before your order can go into production.
Fax the order form to: 866-298-7106 or e-mail it to: orders@postcardmagnet.com

How do I check on the status of my order?
You can also visit our online order management site at: www.postcardmagnet.info 

You can create your login when you enter your order.

If you have previously ordered from us, send an e-mail to: login@postcardmagnet.com to request your login information.

Contact Customer Service:
Call: 800-660-8668
Fax: 866-298-7106
E-mail: ryan@postcardmagnet.com

Is it a good investment to mail magnets?
According to the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) a “postcard with a magnet attached is read at least 51.9% more often than a traditional postcard.”
Also, according to a study conducted by Georgia Southern University a magnet received a 56.5% greater response rate than a postcard alone. 
Can I order any quantity or only at the price breaks shown? (500, 1,000, 2,500, etc.)
You can order any quantity. The pricing for the magnet mailers will be based on the previous price break. For example, an order of 4,000 pieces will be billed at the 2,500 piece price. We produce exact quantities, so if you want extras please adjust the total order quantity accordingly. 
Can I have a portion of the order mailed and have the rest sent back to me?
Yes. For example, if you ordered 10,000 magnet mailers you could have 8,000 mailed out and 2,000 shipped back to you.

Does the pricing shown include postage?
No. Postage is not included. Current postage costs are as follows:
Standard bulk mail: $0.273 (200 piece minimum)
First Class bulk mail: $0.414 (500 piece minimum)
Nonprofit bulk mail: $0.19
NCOA, addressing, sorting, and delivery to the Post Office are done at no charge.
De-duping mailing lists costs $75.00
Do you charge for design service?
Each postcard magnet order includes 30 minutes of free design time or roughly three proofs. This is usually sufficient for most orders. In the case that you need more extensive design service it will be billed at $50/hour. You will be advised before any cost is incurred for design work.
Do you provide free proofs?
Yes, each postcard magnet order includes a free PDF proof. A color correct paper proof costs $20.00. An actual product proof costs $60.00
How much does it cost to print magnet postcards?
The cost depends on the product you choose and the quantity you order. To view our standard magnet mailer products and pricing please visit our product page.

Can I print postcards with magnets?
Printing and sending magnets on postcards is our speciality. We print the postcards, print the magnets, and then combine them together with spot glue or lamination to be sent out as a direct mail piece at bulk mail rates.
What is your standard production time?
Normal production time is 8-12 days after proof approval. From receipt of artwork until the proof is ready for review usually takes 48-72 hours. Please factor in the time it takes to prepare and then receive proof approval in the total production time.
Production time may be longer on orders of 25,000 or 50,000 pieces. Please contact us to confirm before scheduling mail dates.
What happens during the production process?
After proof approval the postcards and magnets are printed separately. After they dry the postcard are trimmed and the magnets are die cut to size. A third machine seals or spot glues the magnet to the postcard. Finally, the postcards are addressed, sorted and trayed for mailing or boxed for shipping.
Can you bill my shipping account?
Yes, third party billing incurs a $5 charge per order.
What are the product specs?
The standard paper stock used is 14 point and it is coated with a 2 mil polylaminate.
The paperstock for the magna-fold postcard is 80# cover.
Can I print less than 250 pieces?
Sorry, but 250 pieces is the absolute minimum for magnet mailers. However, just the 3.5” x 4” magnets may be ordered at a minimum quantity of 100 pieces.
What are the final material specs for the postcard and magnet?
Postcard Printing: The postcards are manufactured from a printed and laminated sheet. Final postcard stock thickness: 14 point, which includes being coated with a 2 mil polylaminate.
Magnet Printing: Magnets are manufactured from a printed flexible magnetic sheet and laminated. Final magnet thickness: 25 mil.
Can I produce custom sized magnets?
Yes, we have a huge selection of standard shapes available and we can also create custom shape magnets. Provide us the details on your vision and we will be happy to help accommodate. You can also search our online catalog by measurements (such as "3x4") to find the pricing and product details for custom shapes.
What magnet mailer postcard sizes are available?
Our standard product size is 8.5” x 5.25”. The smallest size we can produce is 5” x 4.25”. The largest size we can produce is 8.5” x 10.875”. The largest size magnet we can attach to a postcard is 4” x 6”. The smallest magnet we can attach to our standard product is 3.5" x 2".
How does the magnetic peel off (Magna-Peel) postcard work?
The magnet is attached to the postcard with multiple dots of fugitive glue. Fugitive glue is the same type of glue used on the fake credit cards that you may have received in the mail. However, because of the lamination used on our postcards the glue comes off cleanly and completely without leaving residue on the postcard or the magnet.