Tuesday, January 08, 2013

New Year...New Innovations...Announcing the Advantage Product Line

Save Money on Postage with Automation Rates

Intelligent Mail Barcode
When you add a barcode to your postcard magnet mailer the Post Office likes that because they can sort the pieces automatically by scanning the barcode. Less work for them means better postage rates for you.  The Post Office says it best in their own words:
Automation mail is mail that is 100% barcoded and prepared for the Postal Service’s high-speed mail processing equipment. The Postal Service saves the cost of more labor-intensive sortation and shares the savings with you in the form of lower postage prices.
PostcardMagnet.com is the ONLY company that can get automation rates on postcard magnet mailers with a spot-glued magnet. You read that right, the ONLY one.
How much money does this save you? When mailing to a saturation or high density list it can save you up to $0.05 cents per piece. On a 10,000 piece order that's a savings of $500! Included with these savings is faster delivery time as well. We will ship your order to the local area before delivering it to the Post Office for mailing. This can sometimes cut delivery time in half. Again, that's only available right here, from PostcardMagnet.com

Tracking with barcodes

Because our magnet mailers have a barcode on them, we can track each piece as it moves through the postal system.
Sample Delivery Report Update

Just like you track a package with FedEx, you can see each time the piece is scanned as it progresses to your client's home. You can know when the piece is scheduled to be delivered and confirm once it has arrived. This takes the guess work out of planning and gives you the information you need to coordinate other marketing. Click here to take a look at a sample report. Tracking only costs an additional $0.01 per piece. Considering the money you are already saving on postage with automation rates, it's like getting it for free compared to the cost that you would have to pay anywhere else. We are the only magnet mailer supplier that can offer barcode tracking.

Rush Service

Sometimes you just need a job done a little faster. And we are your only option when you need a rush. While you might get a production quote for up to 20 days for a large run, we can get it done in 12 days. Not good enough - let us give you a quote for a faster time.

What next? 

These features are only available on our exclusive Advantage Product Line. Give us a call at 800-660-8668 or send us an e-mail to learn more.  Don't even think about ordering anywhere else for your next mailing. Contact us about your next magnet mailer project.

Ordering anywhere else means you'll be paying more, for less.

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