Monday, September 24, 2012

QR Codes and Magnets for Restaurants

When people are hungry they go to the fridge looking for something to eat. So if you are a restaurant owner, isn't the best time to advertise to them at that exact moment? The very moment that they are hungry and looking for food?

Their fridge is your billboard. Your own private in-house advertising center where you can connect them to your restaurant with just the tap of a few buttons - thanks to the power of QR Codes.

Give all of your clients magnets. Mail magnets to all of the homes around your restaurant. Make sure that every hungry person staring in the fridge looking for something to eat knows that you are ready and waiting to satisfy their hunger. 

Adding a QR code to your magnet allows them to use their smartphone to order. As easy as taking a picture they are now on your website, browsing your menu, making their selection and then, poof, they order online, or call and order take-out or head out the door to your nearest location. Either way, you have taken advantage of perfectly timed advertising. You were right there when they needed you the most.

This is the power of QR codes and magnets.

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Here is a sample of a finished product. 

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