Friday, June 15, 2012

Direct mail response rates by industry for postcards with magnets

The Direct Marketing Association ( calculated the average response rates for a number of industries:
  • Fundraising: 5.35%
  • Retail: 3.36% 
  • Businesses selling services to businesses 3.34% 
  • Manufacturing: 3.17% 
  • Personal and repair services 3.07% 
  • Travel 2.98% 
  • Computer/electronics: 2% 
  • Packaged goods: 2%
But these stats aren't the whole store. Read more on this interesting blog post I found online about how to really determine the response rate for your direct mail campaign. 

There is another report available from PPAI that shows the findings of a study conducted by Georgia Southern University. Their conclusion was that a postcard with a magnet attached was 56.5% more effective than a traditional direct mail postcard.

Combining data from both reports you can expect more than a 50% increase in your response rate by adding a magnet to your next direct mail piece. 

For you visual learners here a graph that illustrates the return:
Response rate of regular postcards compared to postcards with magnets

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