Thursday, February 02, 2012

USPS Mailing Permit Application - Post Office Form 3615

What is a mailing permit?

Having a mailing permit is like having a checking account with the Post Office. For each mailing you complete the Post Office will withdraw funds to pay for postage from your permit account.

You can use this mailing permit (also referred to as an indicia) when sending out direct mail. Instead of having to purchase and apply stamps, or use a metering machine, simply imprint your permit as part of the postcard artwork and the postage due will be debited from your previously funded account. The Post Office refers to your permit account as an "advance deposit account" indicating that the funds must be in the account before you can send out a mailing. This is the most convenient and the most popular way to pay for bulk mailings.

Here is an example of what a permit imprint indicia looks like:

How to apply for a permit imprint

1. In order to get your own postage permit for use on your direct mail pieces you need to fill out USPS Form 3615.

2. This form needs to be turned into the Main Post Office in your area. This may not be the Post Office that you usually visit. To find the correct location give your local Post Office a call. You can find the phone numbers of your surrounding locations using this online tool.

3. At the Post Office turn in the completed form 3615. You will need to pay a one-time application fee. As of January 22, 2012 the application fee is $190.00.
There is also an annual fee of $190 to keep the account open and active.

Note: You do not need to add any funds to your account at the time it is setup. You do not have to keep a balance in the permit account. Usually businesses add money to their account at the same time they bring in their mailing.

4. The Post Office will assign your a permit number. You can then design a "permit imprint indicia", using this new number. The permit can then be imprinted as part of the postcard artwork for your next mailing. You can review the USPS guidelines for designing the imprint indicia for design ideas.

Note: If you want to be able to mail out standard bulk mail and first class bulk mail you will have to apply for each permit separately. They cannot be used interchangeable. A standard bulk mail permit includes the text: PRST STD as part of the permit imprint. A first class bulk mail permit includes the text: FIRST-CLASS MAIL. If you apply for a permit for both methods you will be assigned a permit number for each.

Is there an easier and less expensive way?

If you would prefer not to have to fill out paperwork, wait in line at the main post office and then pay $380 to obtain you own permit, why not just use ours? It's quick, easy and FREE.

We already have everything setup for you and it's ready to go. Send us over your postcard artwork we'll add our permit to the piece and it will be ready to mail.

No paperwork and no extra fees. 

We will also check your mailing list against the Post Office database (a process called NCOA) to make sure that all the addresses are accurate. If any addresses come back as incorrect we'll send you a copy of them so that you can update your records.

We'll can address the postcards for you too - again at no cost to you. We'll bill you the exact postage cost charged by the Post Office and your mailing will be on it's way.

One last concern

One of the reasons businesses decide to get their own permit imprint is because they want to appear local. They don't want to have the city and state of an out of town mail house appear on their mail piece.

No worries. By request we can remove the city and state from our standard permit so that no one will be able to tell where the piece actually originated from.

If you have additional questions about bulk mail contact us.

Request free samples of our postcard magnet mailers so you can see the product for yourself.


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