Tuesday, February 07, 2012

How to Advertise with Magnets Mailed on Postcards

Most business owners do not know how to advertise with magnets that are sent using postcards. They are also unaware of the effectiveness of this method of direct marketing.

Direct mail is one of the cheapest methods of effective advertising for most businesses. The response rate is easy to measure, and businesses can keep their advertising costs down, by targeting the right consumers with products and services that are relevant to their needs. A study done in 2010 showed that U.S. companies spent, on average, more than 54 percent of their advertising budgets on direct marketing.

Using postcards is a good method of getting your business brand known, and to deliver a short, sharp message, as well as a call to action. Even though bulk mailing of postcards is relatively cheap - in comparison to indirect advertising such as television adverts, or radio spots - the response rate can be vastly improved by the inclusion of postcard magnets, thereby making this method of advertising more cost effective. 

Why should you use postcard magnets?

Most direct mail is simply thrown away, before it is even read. If you can include something useful, besides the products or services you are selling, there is a much better chance that the potential customer will retain the item, increasing your brand's exposure. Fridge magnets are popular, useful items in most consumers' homes, and they can be sent to your clients attached to postcards.

Distributing these magnets using postcards, and fine tuning your mailing list, means that you can reach your target market with a valuable promotional product. This is much better than randomly giving away magnets. Because the magnets are visible on the outside of the postcard, as opposed to being in an envelope, they will draw more attention and stand out from other direct mail pieces and there is less chance of them being disposed of unintentionally.

How to advertise with magnets

Postcard Magnet Mailers provide the perfect direct mail advertising solution. You simply upload the artwork or designs for the magnet, or magnets, and the design team at PostcardMagnet.com will optimize it for printing. They even offer 30 minutes of free design time, to help make your advertising look as good as possible.

The magnets can be attached to the postcard using spot glue, or they can be folded or sealed into the postcard. Postcards can be full or half-sheets. Standard and custom magnet sizes are available. You can even include a message that is printed on the postcard underneath the magnet and is only viewable once the magnet has been removed.

PostcardMagnet.com offers a free direct mail sample kit, which is mailed free of charge. The sample kit contains all the different product examples, as well as order, production and pricing details. 

How much more effective are the magnet mailers?

There is evidence that postcard magnet mailers are 56.6 percent more effective than regular direct mail. This is just based on the short-term response rate. Bear in mind that many consumers will keep their magnets for many years, so they will be constantly exposed to your brand or call to action.

Most people keep their magnets on their big kitchen appliances, such as the fridge or deep freeze, so they will be able to find the phone number or website address of your business quickly and effortlessly when they want to contact you. This is much easier than requiring your client to rummaging through a drawer full of business cards or pamphlets, or have to look you number up before giving you a call. 

Written by: marcerickson

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