Thursday, January 26, 2012

Can you remove duplicates addresses for my mailing list?

  • If you have compiled your mailing list form multiple spreadsheets or other databases it's usually a good idea to check for duplicate addresses before mailing. Removing duplicates ensures that you aren't printing more pieces than you need and that the same person, or some address, doesn't receive more than once piece. 
  • The process of removing duplicate addresses is commonly referred to as "de-duping". 
  • If you have more than one excel spreadsheet we can also merge these separate database into one master file before removing any duplicates. This is commonly referred to as "merge and purge"
  • This service usually costs about $75.00 but may be more for large databases. Please contact us for an estimate on your data prep needs. 
  • We have the option to remove duplicates by address or by name. For example, filtering by name would mean that each person would only receive one mailing, but more than one mailing could be delivered to the same address such as to a husband and a wife. Filtering by address would mean that each address will only appear on the list once.

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