Thursday, August 18, 2011

Amazing Mail

Amazing mail is direct mail that gets a response.

Amazing direct mail is when you send out a magnet mailer, just once, that continues to advertise for you long after other direct mail has been thrown away and forgotten.

A - Advanced manufacturing let's us spot-glue magnets to postcards.
M - Magnets make any direct mail postcard more effective.
A - Addressing is free with each order
Z - We've got everything from A to Z covered in one price, except P for postage.
I - Included with each order is 30 minutes of free design time.
N - No other direct mail piece lives longer. A magnets live-span is years!
G - Georgia Southern University conducted a study that found that a postcard with a magnet attached is 56.5% more effective than a regular postcard.

M - Most people have never received a magnet mailer even though...
A - Almost everyone who receives a magnet keeps it on their fridge.
I - If you send a magnet it will continue to advertise for you...
L - Long after regular postcards have been thrown away and forgotten.

That spells some "Amazing Mail".

Are you prepared to be amazed? Then request free samples today.

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