Thursday, June 30, 2011

Postage rates for Non Profit Bulk Mailing

Update: As of January 27th 2013 the maximum non-profit postage rate is $0.202 each. 

If you're a non-profit organization and you want to send out bulk mail this post will answer some frequently asked questions about direct mail for non profits.

The video at the end of the post will go over how to fill out USPS form 3623 which is required for non-profit bulk mail.

What is the non profit bulk mail postage rate? Or how much will it cost?

The simple answer is that it will probably cost you between $0.122 each and $0.194 per piece.

(This is a savings of about 8 to 16 cents per piece compared to the standard bulk mail rate of $0.281 each)

This rate is for postcards and letters that are smaller than 6.125" x 11.5" and weigh less than 3.3 ounces. And getting really technical this is the postage rate for mail that is machinable, non-automation compatible.

$0.191 each is the highest possible non-profit postage rate but the rate may come in lower depending on your mailing list.

For example, if you are mailing to every home within a zip code that is referred to as a "saturation" mailing because you are saturating the area. The non-profit postage rate for a saturation mailing is only $0.122 each. Review the chart below for a visual summary:

How long does non-profit bulk mail take to get delivered?

The Post Office estimates 10-14 days for delivery. Sometimes it will be delivered quicker. Rarely does it take longer.

All of our mail is sent from Kansas. The convenient central location helps standardize delivery times across the United States.

What are the requirements to qualify for non-profit bulk mail?

The first requirement is that you be legally considered a non-profit organization under tax law.

The second requirement is that you apply for and receive a non profit permit number from the United State Post Office. Being issued a non profit permit is a separate process. Being legally classified as a non-profit does not automatically mean you can send bulk mail at the non-profit rate.

After you have been issued a non profit permit you can send direct mail at a discounted postage rate. This approval is necessary if you are going to be sending out your own direct mail and if you are going to have another company, like us, send out bulk mail on your behalf.

Finally, there is a little paperwork that goes along with your order. Typically for our non-profit clients we will produce and address and mail the completed magnet mailers from our location. This means that the pieces use our non profit permit.

When we deliver the job to the Post Office we have to supply them with a completed copy of form 3623. This form gives us permission to send the mailing out on your behalf at the discounted rate.

Please note that the Post Office has a 200 piece minimum per mailing in order to qualify for the non profit postage rate for direct mail.

Do you have additional questions on non profit bulk mail or non profit postage rates?

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