Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Magna-Peel versus Magna-Seal - What's the difference?

What's the difference between the Magna-Peel postcard and the Magna-Seal postcard?

The difference is how the magnet is attached.

The magna-peel postcard attaches the magnet to the postcard with two strips of fugitive spot glue.

The magna-seal postcard attaches the magnet to the postcard underneath a laminate coating. The seal has to be broken before the magnet can be peeled off.

Both products are safe for mailing. The magnet will not come off of the magna-peel postcard while it is in the mail.

If you plan on mailing the magnet mailers from your post office you will want to request a free magnet mailer sample kit and take samples of the product to the post office for pre-approval. Some post offices in the country charge more (even though they don't need to) to mail the magna-peel postcard.

If we mail the pieces for you from our post office both the magna-seal and the magna-peel postcard magnet mailers go out for the same postage rate.

The magna-peel postcard is the more popular option because it is more user friendly and less expensive.

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