Thursday, June 30, 2011

Direct Mailer Postcards

Postcard mailings are practically the default form of advertising for most businesses. And for good reason. Postcard mailings are affordable to print and to mail. Postcard mailings are powerful becuase they can be mailed specifically to the geographic area or demographic you want to target.

Your message, your contact information, right in front of your current and future clients. That's the simple, powerful idea behind postcard mailings.

But postcard mailings have one major weakness, the achilles heel of an otherwise powerful and effective form of advertising - life span.

From the time the recpient opens the mailbox how long does your postcard have to make an impression before it gets thrown away? Most people sort through their mail and put an end to your postcards after just a few moments of exposure. Unfortunately, most postcards are essentially on death row from the time they enter the mail stream. And the few moments of exposure they receive aren't usually enough to build brand awareness or close the deal.

There is a quick and affordable fix that can extend the lifespan of your postcard mailings from just a few moments to years. Add a magnet to your next postcard mailing.

Adding a magnet to your postcard will turn it into a magnet mailer that will help ensure that the all the time and money spent in design, copywriting, printing and mailing won't just end up in the garbage can.

It works because junk mail gets thrown away but magnets get kept on the fridge where they will continue to be seen day after day for years.

Remember, anything besides a magnet will just get thrown away!

Request a free sample kit to see the beautiful power of magnet mailers.

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