Friday, May 20, 2011

Mailbox to Trash Can in 3 Seconds Flat.

I follow a tweet the other day that took me to an article about "8 Components to a Successful Direct Mail Campaign."

Here is one quote from the article that I found interesting:
"From the time a prospect sees your direct mail piece you have 3 seconds to get their attention. If your mailer doesn’t captivate the reader your ad will end up in the trash."

3 seconds? That's not very long. It took you about that long to read this sentence. 

The fact that direct mail is quickly and passively sorted through and then thrown away is obvious. We all do it. 

Then why as advertisers do we somehow expect those that we send direct mail to will respond differently that we would? 

We need to remember that as marketers we aren't just on the sending side of the direct mail business. We are recipients every day of other businesses direct mail efforts. 

When we sort through and throw out our direct mail as part of our routine, should we expect others to be captivated by our direct mail and pour over every carefully crafted line of text?


  • How long do you spend reviewing the day's mail when you get home from work?
  • What is it that catches your attention? 
  • What makes you actually read a direct mail piece?

Once in a while there is a great design and a compelling offer that are combined and it captures our attention. Which is why so much prep and energy go into direct mail design and why so much has been written about the finer points of direct mail.

But the glaring challenge that we all face is the fact that we only have a few brief seconds to captivate our anxious audience. And that once the direct mail is thrown away it's forgotten. Sure, you got one exposure. But will one exposure be enough to help grow your business?

Think back for yourself and try and remember which direct mail pieces you received last week? Any luck? I can't remember either. 

But what if you could turn now and look at your fridge or filing cabinet? Does it have a magnet on it? If not, you just found a great space for competitor free advertising in your client's homes and offices. 

If there is a magnet there how long ago did you receive it? Last week, last year? Can't remember. Not surprising, but the point is that it's still there and each time you see it, if even for a few seconds, the business that sent it to you is getting another exposure, for free. 

Why shouldn't you be that marketer? Who sends out a mailing once but gets continued repeat exposures for free?

There is marketing space available to own inside each and every home. A little private billboard that promotes your business each day to your most important customer.

Adding a magnet to your next postcard will turn it into a magnet mailer which will extend that 3 second window to a few moments into a few days and even into years. 

Request a free sample kit for yourself to see how a postcard magnet mailer could work for you.

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