Monday, May 16, 2011

Magnet Mailers

Magnet mailers combine the affordability of postcards with the long-term power of magnets. offers beautiful high-gloss postcard, printed in full-color on both sides. You really have to see samples of these magnet mailers to believe how nice they look.

Just the postcard alone would stand out from your competitor's dull and bland looking direct mail. But we multiple that power by spot-gluing a magnet to the postcard. The spot-glue, also known and fugitive glue is strong enough to tightly adhere the magnet to the postcard (so that it won't come off in the mail - we promise) but flexible enough so that the magnet can be removed by the recipient without any tools or trouble. You can see how easy it is when you take a look at the products in our free sample kit.

Magnets belong on the fridge and that's where your magnet will end up. So even though you only send out the mailer once - the magnets will continue to advertise not just for a day or a week or even a month but for years. No really! Years. Here's an example...

I have a friend who goes out to get the mail and sorts through it on the way back to the house. He stops by the garbage can before coming inside and throws away all the "junk mail" before it even makes it inside. It doesn't get opened or read. All the hard work and money that went into design, printing and mailing hardly gets more than a glance.

But the other day at his house I noticed that he had some magnets on his fridge.  I recognized a couple that I had produced for my local clients (one of the magnets had actually been there for at least 3 or 4 years) that had been sent to his house as direct mail!

The magnet mailer was able to make it from the mailbox, past the garbage can, into the house and onto the fridge where it continues to this day promoting the business' name and contact information.

Now most people aren't that efficient. Most people at least carry their mail inside before they look through it. But still it will most likely end up in the garbage, just in the kitchen garbage can as a short detour before it heads outside into the dumpster.

I receive bulk mail everyday just like everyone else does. What do you do with your direct mail? I look through it and throw most of it away, just like you do and just like everyone else.

But if I received a magnet in the mail, that would really stand out. That would be something different that would catch my attention. And it would be something that I would stick up on my fridge. You might do the same thing and and so might everyone else on your next mailing list.

Request free magnet mailer samples on our website.

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