Friday, March 11, 2011

Refrigerator Calendar Magnet

The calendar art can be customized to highlight important dates or months of the year. And the colors of the calendar can be customized to match your design.

You can mail a calendar magnet to your clients (or future clients) on a postcard magnet mailer.

Any refrigerator calendar magnet will become a useful tool to the recipient. As a quick reference tool the magnet will have immediate value. The client will be sure to keep the magnet on the fridge or filing where they can reference it on a daily basis.

Each time the look at the calendar magnet they will also see your company name and information. This repeat exposure builds name recognition and familiarity with you product or service.

Where else can you buy this kind of exposure? Besides the power of a magnet how else can you achieve long-term, repeat exposure with just one mailing?

You can't achieve this kind of exposure with any other direct mail piece, because what advertisers call "bulk mail"consumers call "junk mail". And we all know that junk mail gets thrown away and forgotten.

But if you mail a refrigerator calendar magnet you are giving your clients something that has a purpose and an inherent value - to you because of the increased response rate you will receive - and to the client because they will have a calendar at hand for quick reference and a magnet available anytime they need to hang something on the fridge.

You can click on the links below to view more details about the standard sizes for a refrigerator calendar magnets. Also, click on the "Options" tab, and then "Click to choose stock layout" to review our free customizable templates.

3.5" x 4"
3.5" x 6"
4" x 7"

Some of our stock art includes refrigerator calendar magnet designs for:

  • Religious organizations
  • Pizza Services
  • Patriotic events
  • Baseball schedules
  • Business professional
  • Outside services
  • Presentation/Theater
  • Realtor Services
  • Health Services
  • Football schedules
  • Kitchen measurements

All sizes allow you plenty of room for your company name, logo and contact information.

We have pre-formatted calendar artwork for each year which we can add to the magnet artwork free of charge.

If you would like to receive a free sample kit, let us know.

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