Friday, March 04, 2011

Postage rates to increase on April 17th 2011.

The United States Post Office has announced that on April 17th 2011 postage rates will increase.
What does this mean to you? It's time to save some money!
Now is a great time to get started on your magnet mailer order.
Order now so that your pieces can get mailed before the postage rate increase.
Current postage rates are: 
$0.414 for First Class bulk mail
$0.273 for Standard bulk mail
$0.19 for Non-Profit bulk mail

The good news is that the First class bulk mail rate is expected to remain the same. And postage rate increases for standard bulk mail aren't expected to be huge (perhaps just a few percentage points) but 
savings are savings so if you've been planning to do a magnet mailer now is a great time to get started.
If you are interested in all the nitty-gritty you can read more on the USPS website.

Contact us today to get started. 

1 comment: said...

Current postage rates, after in the increase that went into effective on April 17th 2011 are:

$0.276 Standard - Allow 7-14 days for delivery
$0.414 First Class - Allow 5-7 days for delivery
$0.191 Non Profit - Allow 10-14 days for delivery

The postage rate for standard bulk mail only increased by $0.003, up from $0.273 each.

The postage rate for First class bulk mail stayed the same.

The postage rate for Non-Profit bulk mail increased $0.001, up from $0.19 each.