Monday, November 08, 2010

What should we have for dinner?

This question echos across the kitchens of the world each and every night as each and every person has to decide what they are going to eat for dinner. But it's not just dinner. Lunch and breakfast too require a decision to be made about what to eat or where to eat.

Wouldn't it be great if the answer were your restaurant?

It can be...and here's how it works -

Hunger Power
They say never go shopping when you're hungry.

Why? Because you'll buy more of what you don't need just because it looks good. Your stomach takes control of your hand and makes you take all sorts of delicious things off the shelf that weren't even close to being on your shopping list.

Can this amazing power the stomach has over our actions be put to good use in advertising for your restaurant?

Let's find out...

It's breakfast time. I'm hungry. I open the fridge to look for something to eat.

It's lunch time. I'm hungry. I open the fridge to look for something to eat.

It's snack time. I'm hungry. I open the pantry to get a snack, and...wait for it...I open the fridge to get a drink.

It's dinner time. I'm hungry. I open the fridge to see what's for dinner.

Is there a pattern here?

You just can't get away from the fridge when it's time to eat. And even if we don't find anything to eat the first time we open the fridge, more than likely we'll open it a few more times anyway, just in case we might have missed something the first time.

So how can your restaurant use this to your advantage? 

Advertise on their fridge!

Advertise to them at the one moment they are most likely to want what you have to offer - when they are looking for something to eat. 

By sending out a magnet mailer to the area surrounding your restaurant you can come to mind practically each and ever time someone is looking for something to eat because your magnet will be right in front of them on their fridge.

They're hungry, they don't want to cook and *poof* like magic, they see your magnet and that's when their stomach takes over and makes them reach for their phone to call you for take-out. 

Our magnets are beautiful with a full color imprint. Put a picture on their of your most beautiful dish, add your phone number for take out and your address so they can dine-in and you have just assembled a great piece of restaurant marketing.

If you like coupons check out our full color postcard with a large 3.5" x 4" magnet and a 3 perforated coupons.

Act now - claim this invaluable real estate now while the fridge is still an unclaimed marketing gold-mine. Request a sample today.

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