Thursday, November 11, 2010

How magnets are attached to postcards

Google tells us that people are asking the question, "Can you mail a magnet?". The answer is yes! You can attach a magnet to a postcard and send it through the mail, without an envelope.

So, how do you add magnets to postcards? I'll share with you two of the most common methods that allow you to send magnets through the mail: lamination and spot-glue.

1. Laminating magnets on postcards:

This is how we laminate magnets on postcards:

  • the postcard and magnet are produced separately. 
  • when we're ready to attach the two together the magnet is set in place on the postcard.  
  • a laminate coating is then laid down on top of the magnet and the postcard. 
  • the laminate seals to the postcard but not the magnet creating a small closed pocket which "seals" the magnet to the postcard. This is why we refer to this product as a Magna-Seal postcard.

The magnet mailer can now be sent safely through the mail. Once the postcard is received the recipient needs to break a hole in the the laminate seal, usually using a pen or scissors, so that the laminate cover can be peeled back and the magnet removed. The magnet is not strong enough to adhere to any postal equipment (though it's plenty strong to hold something to the fridge) and because the magnet and lamination are so thin it won't get caught on or interfere with any equipment.

Postcard magnet mailers are classified as a "Letter or flat, less than 1 ounce" and as a "machinable" mail piece.

2. Spot-gluing magnets on postcards: 

The second method used to send postcards with magnets attached is by attaching the magnet with multiple dots of fugitive glue. This glue is also referred to as 'booger glue". If this delightful name still doesn't help you understand what we're talking about think back to the last fake credit card offer you received in the mail. You know the thin sticky glue they used to attach the obviously fake credit card to the letter? That's fugitive glue. It's strong, but flexible.

  • Again we produce the postcard and magnet separately. 
  • to attach the magnet to the postcard we lay down two vertical glue strips
  • and place the magnet on top of fugitive glue, tightly adhering to the surface of the postcard.

The postcard magnet combo is now ready to be taken to the Post Office for mailing. Like the magna-seal postcard the Post Office has approved this piece for mailing under the same classification.

Here are some pictures to show you just what I'm talking about:
The Magna-peel postcard with a 3.5" x 4" magnet.

A close up showing how tightly the magnet is attached. 

The Magna-Peel postcard with the magnet removed revealing two vertical fugitive glue strips. 

Once received the magnet can simply be peeled off of the postcard. This is why we refer to this product as the "Magna-Peel postcard". This method is now much more popular than the original lamination method because of ease of use since it doesn't require any extra tools to break the laminate coating. Plus it's also less expensive.

Frequently I'll talk with people who assume this spot-glue method isn't as safe for mailing or that it can't be mailed at all because the magnet isn't under a laminate coating. The assumption is that the magnet will come off in the mail. This is not true. We have been mailing these pieces everyday for years. Just as designed the magnet stays on in the mail but can be easily removed once delivered.

This product has been approved by the Post Office for mailing which means by their determination the magnet will stay on the postcard during delivery. Our own experience of testing this design for years before it was submitted to the Post Office for approval confirms that the magnet is securely in place, not to mention the countless pieces that have been safely delivered in the last few years since we launched this product line.

The conclusion: 

  • Attaching a magnet securely to a postcard with laminate or spot-glue allows you to direct mail magnets.
  • The DMA reports that a postcard with a magnet attached is read at least 51.9% more often than a traditional postcard.
  • Sending magnets through the mail is easy, especially when you work with We offer free samples, free proofing, free setup, free design and free addressing.

So what does it cost to mail a magnet?

Current postage rates as of April 17th 2011 are:

  • $0.414 for First Class bulk mail and 
  • $0.276 each for standard bulk mail
  • $0.191 for Non-Profit bulk mail

Please note that these postage estimated are the most that it would cost to mail the magnet postcard. If your mail list is high density or saturation you may qualify for a lower postage rate. We'll be happy to provide you with an estimate on your postage cost if you'd like to send us a copy of your mailing list.

Find out more details and request a sample on our website. 


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