Monday, November 29, 2010

Better Together - Postcards and Magnets

Somethings are just better a postcard and a magnet. Why?

Because a postcard magnet mailers harnesses the proven power of direct mail but adds long term value. The postcard gets the magnet delivered - the magnet stays around on the fridge or filing cabinet for years and keeps advertising long after a traditional postcard would have been thrown away and forgotten. 

Magnet mailers are beautiful. You may think that word is a little strong when we are talking about direct mail, but believe me, you'll say the same thing once you see one. Go ahead and request a free magnet mailer sample kit and see of yourself. 

For your next direct mail campaign add value, add power, add response, add a magnet. The postcard will thank you for making it more useful. And your business will thank you for helping it grow.

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