Monday, October 25, 2010

Save the Date with a Postcard Magnet Mailer

You have an important event coming up. You want to make sure that everyone knows about it, that they plan on coming and don’t forget to show up when the important day arrives.
It would be ideal if you could reach out to each one of your invitees and write your event on their calendar, or enter it into their smartphone, complete with multiple alarms. 
Ideal, but impossible. 
So as an alternative to omnipresence, direct mail is a common way to spread the word about your important day. Direct mail is affordable. It’s an effective way to get your information out to each and every mailbox of those you want invited. But is it the most effective way to help “save-the-date”? What happens to those postcards after they make it to the mailbox?
A regular postcard, or a letter, will be seen once and then thrown away or forgotten. If it ends up in the trash, it won’t be doing much to help promote you event. And if it’s kept, but filed away, it won’t be seen and can quickly be forgotten about. 
What if you could mail something out now that would be seen everyday until the day of your event (and beyond)?
The power you need can be found with a postcard magnet mailer. Offering all the same benefits of traditional direct mail, but with an extra power beyond paper! The magnet, with all of your important event information, printed in beautiful full color, can be easily peeled off of the carrier postcard, and will find a happy home on the nearest fridge or filing cabinet. This is where the magic begins. 
The magnet will be seen not just once but everyday. Not just once on the day it’s received in the mail, but everyday up until your big event. The kitchen is the highest traffic area in the home. That fridge door is opened almost countless times each day. And each time it is, you’re magnet, and you’re event will be represented. 
This is a great way to help raise awareness of your event and reinforce the date and time in the minds of those you’d like to attend. It may actually prompt them to write it on their calendar.
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Possible uses for a Save-the-date postcard magnet mailer:
Class Reunion:
Sending a magnet mailer is a popular choice for colleges, universities nationwide when advertising an upcoming class reunion, alumni event or important school function or fundraiser. 
Election Day
Send a magnet mailer to all registered voters and remind them to vote (and vote for you) on election day. 
Wedding Plans
Do you need to spread the word about your big day? Nothing is going to stand out more than a beautiful full color magnet.


Make sure attendance is high and the house is packed for your upcoming trade show. Read about a study conducted by Georgia Southern University specifically about the use of magnet mailers in trade-shows

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