Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Political Magnet Mailers - Effective direct mail for political campaigns

You are not going to get elected unless people know who are and why you are running for office. So to be effective political campaigns need to establish name recognition. The goal is to reach out to an entire population, in a very short time frame, trying to get them to remember your name when they are standing in line to vote.

The challenge is trying to achieve that name recognition while not burning through all of your hard earned and often limited campaign funds.

The solution then, is an affordable mailer that will build name recognition through repeat exposure to your voters.

Repeat exposure turns a single fleeting impression into a memory.

Repeat exposure allows an idea, or a name, to carve out a place in the mind of the voter. 
Direct mail is usually an essential part of any campaign because it is probably the most cost effective way to reach out to each individual voter’s home. Postcards or a letter are often the default choices when a campaign turns toward direct mail. 
However, neither of these popular options are a good way to build name recognition. Why? Because they have no staying power. 
Postcards and letters are on an express route from the mailbox to the trashcan. 
Most voters will only see that mail piece once, that’s right ONCE, before it’s thrown in the garbage and forgotten. You are spending precious campaign funds on just a few moments of exposure that don’t have the power to create any lasting memory. 
What if you could mail something to voters at the beginning of the campaign that would continue to build name recognition for you until election day? Something that would help voters become familiar with your name and your platform on a regular basis, that you only have to pay for once. 
 One mailing -  but continuous exposure. 
The product you need is like a miniature billboard on the busiest road in town. This product will get your name and your message seen multiple times per day, all campaign season long. 

The principle is: repeat exposure builds name recognition. 

Obviously repeat exposure, and the kind of name recognition needed to win a campaign can’t be achieved with just one exposure by one postcard mailing. 
You need a power beyond paper. You need a postcard magnet mailer. 
The postcard is heavy weight and coated giving it a beautiful glossy, professional appearance. Attached to the postcard with fugitive peel-away glue is a magnet. 
The beautiful full color magnet with your photo, campaign info and contact information will be removed from the carrier postcard and will go directly to the fridge where it will live for the rest of the campaign season. A magnet has a home within the voters home. It lives in the highest traffic area of the home, the kitchen. 
Once received the magnet is going to be kept and used. It will be seen over and over again, day after day all campaign season long, and beyond. Postcards get thrown away, magnet’s don’t. 
How much power do you gain by moving beyond paper direct mail?

  • A study conducted by Georgia Souther University found that magnets generated a 50% greater response rate than a postcard alone. 
  • Studies conducted by the Direct Marketing Association showed that a postcard with a magnet attached is read at least 51.9% more often a traditional postcard. 
Postcard magnet mailers are a great fit for any political direct mail campaign. The appearance is professional, the postcard provides you with room for details on your campaign message and the magnet will stay around on the fridge and continue to build name recognition, while the postcards of the other candidates will already be buried in the garbage can (along with their campaign funds).
Request free samples today to see this product for yourself. 

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