Monday, October 04, 2010

Medical Magnet Mailers

Direct mail is a powerful way to reach out to people in your area who may be in need or your important services. The challenge with traditional direct mail options is that a postcard or a letter will get seen and reviewed only once before getting thrown away and forgotten. At best it might it might get filed away, but it's unlikely to be seen on a regular basis.

This is why postcard magnet mailers have been a popular choice for direct mail campaigns for hospitals, medical centers, urgent care centers and medical professionals across the country.

By attaching a magnet to your next postcard you are providing your clients with something of intrinsic value that isn't going to get thrown away and forgotten. The magnet can be easily peeled off of the carrier postcard and kept on the fridge. There it will be constantly promoting your health services, day after day for years.

One of the best reasons this a great choice for the health care industry is because health care concerns may arise at any time. Someone might not be interested in your particular service the day they receive your postcard in the mail because they aren't currently having that particular health challenge. But as soon as they are in need they are going to want to talk with you as soon as possible.

If your magnet has been on their fridge as soon as they are ready to get help you will be the first place they are going to contact. They won't even bother looking in the phone book or going online. They are familiar with your company name, your services, your location and your contact information as they have casually looked at your magnet each day on the fridge. Now that they are ready and in need your magnet, which could have been sent out months or even years earlier, is there ready to help. This is a power beyond paper. This is exposure that you can't achieve with a postcard or a letter mailing. 
Here are some possible uses for a magnet mailer campaign:
Do you have a new doctor or medical team coming to your location? Announce their arrival and/or the new services that will be available with a magnet mailer, including on the magnet phone numbers, web address and service information. The recipient will keep the magnet on the fridge and reference it when they need to contact you for an appointment, rather than turning to the phone book or online. Making it quick and easy for your patients to get the information they need is an advantage only gained through a magnet mailer. Regular postcards with get thrown away and forgotten. They won’t be there to promote your services even the day after they have been delivered. Magnets will stay on the fridge for years. 
Are you holding a community health fair or an open house? Magnet mailers work great as a save-the-date mailing. The magnet serves as a daily visual reminder about your upcoming event. Those daily reminders will help increase attendance at your event. You can also include important medical reference information and contact information giving the magnet additional long-term value.
You can send out magnet mailers as a community service. Most parents would appreciate having emergency phone numbers readily available. Producing a magnet with your company and contact information, including the local numbers for the poison control center, fire department, police department, ambulance service etc. would be a welcome addition in most homes. And that’s the whole idea behind magnet mailers - sending something that will be kept and used rather than thrown away and forgotten. 

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Who is using magnet mailers for their direct mail campaign?

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