Monday, October 25, 2010

Direct mail design tips - A visual study.

  • Are you trying to design an effective bulk mail piece? 
  • Are you looking for design ideas for effective direct mail? 
  • What are common design principles used for direct mail?
  • What works, what doesn't? 
  • How can you get noticed?
This new series of posts on our blog are intended to help you answer these questions. It aims to become an online database of bulk mail design, visually analyzed from the recipients perspective.

Check back daily for the latest offerings from my mailbox. A daily winner will be selected for the best piece of the day. Followed by a weekly, monthly and finally, in a big show down, a yearly winner for the best bulk mail piece of the year.

You may not agree with my choice of winner or maybe you thing I'm spot on but either way feel free to leave your own analysis and your choice for the winner in the comments.

Hopefully these photos and brief descriptions will be helpful.

Ryan Christensen

To see all the posts in this series, please use the search bar at the top of the page and type: "bulk mail design".

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