Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Even the Post Office thinks magnets are a good idea.

Now I'm not saying the the United States Post Office officially sponsors's magnet mailers....but they sure do like the idea.

They even gave out an award for it. Below is a copy of a press release from last year.

The USPS gave an award to the Hartford Financial Services Group.

What was the award?

The "Creative Business Solutions Award"

Why did they receive it?

For being creative, of course, which included sending out magnet self-mailers, and magnets in #10 envelopes.

The Result?

Business grew by an impressive "7%".

You might not receive an award from the Post Office for using magnet mailers, but you may see an increase in business.

After all, the DMA reported that a magnet with a postcard attached is read at least 51.9% more often than a traditional postcard.

Perhaps my favorite part of this press release is when it indicates that the Post Office wants to recognize "customers who have found new ways to use mail."

So even the Post Office things magnet mailers are a "new" and creative way to direct mail. (But don't let that fool you. We've been selling magnet mailers for  more than a decade.)

Isn't it about time you gave magnet mailers a try?


Hartford Financial Services Group Recognized at 2009 National Postal Forum

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Postal Service today recognized the Hartford Financial Services Group (HFSG) with its Creative Business Solutions Award for the company’s commitment to a successful business partnership with the Postal Service at the annual National Postal Forum, staged this year in Washington DC.

The Creative Business Solutions Awards, one of three “best in class” awards presented annually at the Customer Recognition Awards Banquet with the National Postal Forum, recognize customers who have found new ways to use mail.

Lucie Rossitto, Production Manager for the AARP Market Practices division of HFSG, accepted the award on Monday. HFSG sells via independent agents and direct to customers through an exclusive partnership with AARP, a growing organization with 40 million members age 50 and up.
Over the past year, the firm successfully tested 61 different creative pieces. These tests have included magnet self-mailers, No. 10 envelopes with magnet stuffers, repositionable notes in various locations, and many mailpieces of different sizes. In addition, incentive gifts are continuously tested, such as fragrance scratch-offs and a NASCAR kit that offered a collectible car.

Realizing the importance of database marketing, each campaign targeted specific age groups such as the “CEO of the Household.” HFSG also tested Hispanic marketing.

As a result of its creative approach to direct mail, the company’s customer retention rates have consistently remained above the industry average. Last year, HFSG was able to outperform the market by growing total policies in force by 3 percent over the prior year.

In addition, the AARP Marketing Division grew written premiums by an impressive 7 percent, using direct mail as the primary medium of choice.

“We are pleased to recognize and honor Hartford Financial Services Group for its innovation, creativity and leadership,” said Edward F. Phelan, Jr., District Manager for the Postal Service's Connecticut Valley which includes the corporate headquarters of HFSG.
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