Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Word on the Web

I'm still surprised at how many people don't know that you can mail magnets. I got a call the other day from a company in GA. They said, "We just found out about this magnet thing!" They seemed to think it was brand new, even though we have now been selling magnet mailers for almost a decade. They were excited about the idea and proceed to place a 14,000 piece order.

Despite the low general knowledge about magnet mailers there is some chatter online about mailing magnets in direct mail forums.

Here is one excerpt from a forum at

"Direct Mail is a tricky marketing arena. Jumping off of what PressurePros said, you have to remember that a piece of paper is VERY easy to throw away. It may be in your best interest to offer them something tangible that they can actually use (like a magnet). Marketing IS collective, and statistics say that a person must see something 6 times before they remember it, and this includes the name of your business."

I couldn't agree more. He makes 3 excellent points:

1. A piece of paper (even if it's full color and beautiful) is very easy to throw away.
2. It's great to send your client's something they will keep and use. Take advantage of the fact that every home in America has a built in billboard, right in the kitchen, the highest traffic area of the home, by sending them a magnet.
3. Repeat exposure is essential to building name recognition. A magnet will generate multiple exposures. A postcard will be seen once and thrown away. To achieve the same impact with a postcard as you would with a magnet you would have to do multiple mailings, paying each time for production and delivery costs. When you send a magnet you only pay once but get a repeat return thereafter.

And that's, the word on the web.

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Ryan Christensen - Anything else, will just get thrown away!

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