Monday, May 03, 2010

Attract More Customers With Magnetic Marketing

Here is an article that was published about our company and our products at

"Traditional advertising is direct mail, radio spots and television advertisements in magazines and newspapers, and other methods can be costly, inefficient and not memorable. Worse, the press – almost always linked to spam – should be easily removed with the garbage day, because it is considered unnecessary. It is not necessary to go a long way to raise awareness of your business succeed. Marketing with magnetic components will ensure that your business, literally, with potential customers and advertising remains the trash and stick in their minds.

A lost or abandoned piece of advertising could have severe repercussions on your budget. Even traditional cards are easily lost or forgotten. But a magnetic card is inserted and can easily be obtained if the potential customer remembers you and your unique approach for your company name will be there.

Magnetic advertising may also take the form of vouchers, schedules, menus and other information for your business. Over time, more and more value to a product, customers will appreciate the ease with which they can access corporate information. Instead of digging through a phone book or search online, all the information you need for your business is conveniently located in your fridge or file cabinet. Potential customers are more likely to use their shops because of this accessibility. magnets are also in the long term, that is, you do not have as much as you create with paper. They also keep your marketing plan simple, affordable and effective."

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