Thursday, December 17, 2009

FAQ - Production

Looking for the details on production specs and timelines? Here you go, served up conveniently and directly, the most commonly asked questions about production:

Can I print postcards with magnets?
Printing and sending magnets on postcards is our speciality. We print the postcards, print the magnets, and then combine them together with spot glue or lamination to be sent out as a direct mail piece at bulk mail rates.
How does the magnetic peel off (Magna-Peel) postcard work?
The magnet is attached to the postcard with strips of fugitive glue. Fugitive glue holds the magnet securely to the postcard during mailing and allows the magnet to be conveniently pull off once delivered. (See video below).
What is the difference between the "Magna-Peel" postcard and the "Magna-Seal" postcard?
The Magna-Seal postcard is produced by sealing the magnet to the postcard under a laminate coating. The Magna-Peel postcard is produced by gluing the magnet to the postcard with fugitive glue. Both pieces are safe for mailing. The Magna-peel postcards are less expensive and more popular for thier ease of use.

What is your standard production time?
Normal production time for orders less than 10,000 pieces is 10-12 days after final proof approval. From receipt of artwork until the proof is ready for review usually takes 48 hours. Please factor in the time it takes to prepare and then receive proof approval in the total production time.
Production time for orders more than 10,000 pieces depend on current production demands. Pleasecontact us for a production estimate.
What happens during the production process?
After proof approval the postcards and magnets are printed separately. After they dry the postcard are trimmed and the magnets are die cut to size. A third machine seals or spot glues the magnet to the postcard. Finally, the postcards are addressed, sorted and trayed for mailing or boxed for shipping.
Can you bill my shipping account?
Yes, third party billing incurs a $5 charge per order.
What are the product specs?
The standard paper stock used is 14 point and it is coated with a 2 mil polylaminate.
The paperstock for the magna-fold postcard is 80# cover.
Can I print less than 250 pieces?
Sorry, but 250 pieces is the absolute minimum for magnet mailers. However, just the 3.5” x 4” magnets may be ordered at a minimum quantity of 100 pieces.
What are the final material specs for the postcard and magnet?
Postcard Printing: The postcards are manufactured from a printed and laminated sheet. Final postcard stock thickness: 14 point, which includes being coated with a 2 mil polylaminate.
Magnet Printing: Magnets are manufactured from a printed flexible magnetic sheet and laminated. Final magnet thickness: 25 mil.
Can I produce custom sized magnets?
Yes, we have a huge selection of standard shapes available and we can also create custom shape magnets. Provide us the details on your vision and we will be happy to help accommodate. You can also search our online catalog by measurements (such as "3x4") to find the pricing and product details for custom shapes.
What magnet mailer postcard sizes are available?
Our standard product size is 8.5” x 5.25”. The smallest size we can produce is 5” x 4.25”. The largest size we can produce is 8.5” x 10.875”. The largest size magnet we can attach to a postcard is 4” x 6”. The smallest magnet we can attach to our standard product is 3.5" x 2".

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