Thursday, December 17, 2009

FAQ - Artwork

If this is your first time ordering a postcard magnet mailer, you might have a few questions about creating the artwork, submitting the artwork and all the other details that go into the creative process, this selection of FAQ's might be useful to you.

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What file format should the artwork be provided in?
  • The preferred file format is a press quality PDF (300 dpi). Please include bleeds on the postcard and the magnet of .125”.
  • We can also accept any native Adobe file formats, PageMaker, QuarkXpress, FreeHand or Corel Draw.
  • Please ensure that all fonts are ‘converted to outlines’ or ‘converted to paths’.
  • Please be advised: Word Documents, Publisher documents, and low-resolution images (GIF, JPEG, BMP, etc.) cannot be used as acceptable artwork. However, we will be happy to help you create useable artwork from these images.
Can you help me design the artwork?
  • Yes, each order includes 30 minutes of free design time. The best way to take advantage of this time is to provide via e-mail or fax all the information you want on the postcard magnet including: company name, contact information, product details or special offers, etc.
  • Please e-mail us with photos you would like used and your logo, etc.
  • We will take these separate elements and combine them into a professional final product and then send over a proof for your review and revision.
  • Please provide high resolution images, preferably at 300 dpi. Low resolution images will result in a pixilated imprint.
Can you print underneath the magnet?
  • Yes.
  • If you want the imprint hidden until the magnet is removed, please make the imprint .25” smaller than the magnet size.
  • We are not able to match the magnet artwork seamlessly with the postcard imprint. There is a variance of .125” of an inch in any direction.
  • This artwork guide shows the recommended layout.
What is your permit number? I want to add it to my artwork.
  • We will add our permit to the artwork when we prepare the proof. Please indicate where you would like to permit placed when preparing the artwork files.
Do you have an artwork template?
Can I request a proof?
  • Yes, a free PDF proof is provided for each order. Click here to view an example. This proof is used to show you color and/or color breaks, but is NOT an exact color matching system. Up to 3 free proofs will be provided.
  • You can review a digital proof at a cost of $20.00. Our color press proofs are a close representation of the color of your product. Proofs are sent for next day delivery.
  • Actual printed and laminated product proofs are $60.00. This is a press proof and is an actual working sample of the final product. Product proofs are sent for next day delivery. Product proofs are free of charge for orders of $6,250.00 or more.
Can I use PMS colors?
  • Yes, we can do a spot color match. The setup cost is $40.00 per color. Added colors after a full color imprint incur an additional 10% run charge.
Do you provide copy changes?
  • Yes, copy changes are limited to changing a total of six lines of copy, a photo, and a logo. In addition, the items must all have a common background or main layout that does not change. Copy changes cannot be added after an order is submitted.
  • 1-14 copy changes: $20 each.
    15 or more copy changes: $15 each.
Where should I e-mail the artwork to?
  • You can e-mail artwork (up to a 20MB) file to
  • If the file is larger than 20MB we recommend ordering through our online ordering system, which has built in FTP functionality. 
  • How do I design my postcard for direct mail?

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