Thursday, November 20, 2008

Magnet Mailers lead medical clinic to six locations

After Hours Medical started in 2001 with just one urgent care clinic. As of their latest grand opening this month, they now have six. How have they been able to grow so consistently over the last 7 years?

They have a phone book ad, sure. They have have tried bill boards too. But since the beginning their annual marketing budget has gone overwhelming towards just one thing - Postcard Magnet Mailers.

When each new clinics hosts it's grand opening, the magnet mailers are sent out to every home, business, apartment and PO box in the surround area, and it gets the clinic off to a great start.

The sixth clinic, shown in the photo above, had 13 patients their first day. What brought them through the door? The magnet they now had stuck to their fridge at home.

Unlike old-school direct mail, which would have been taken out the garbage the very next day, each recipient of the magnet mailer still has a magnet on their fridge. The next time they have a medical need, where will they turn for a phone number, or an address? They'll remember that magnet on their fridge, which they have seen day in and day out since they received. No other direct mail product can get such long-term exposure.

Beyond a big mail blast at each grand opening, magnet mailers are sent out at the end of each year for all existing clinics.

After Hours Medical orders a Magna-Peel postcard with a 3.5" x 4" magnet. The magnet includes the clinics contact info and a 12 month calendar, super-imposed over a beautiful full color photo from the local area.

If you are the least bit interested in the power of magnet mailers, request a free sample kit at our website:

Now, more than ever is an important time to keep your name and number in front of your clients to make sure that your business stays strong through these tight times. You can't afford to waste your precious advertising budget on marketing that will end up in the garbage can.

Spend your money on something that will be kept and used, rather than thrown away and forgotten.

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