Thursday, November 20, 2008

Alumni Magnet Mailers

Magnet mailers have been very popular with colleges and universities nationwide. They have been so effective that many schools use them each year to promote their class reunions and alumni events.

A magnet is the perfect way to help alumnus "save the date" for upcoming events. Anything else you send in the mail is likely to get thrown away and forgotten.

Plus, most grads would be proud to display a magnet on their fridge from their alma mater.

Here is a list of some of the schools that have chosen to promote their school events:

Anne Arundel Community College
Avila University
The Baldwin School
Bennington College
Breck School
Davidson College
Dexter School
Simmons College
St. Timothy's School
University of Florida College of Nursin
University of New Hampshire
Washington College

If you are interested in using magnet mailers as a save the date for your next event, take a look at the design ideas some of the other schools have used at

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melmommy said...

What a fantastic idea.

Deep said...

good idea.i would said its not an invention rather a discovery.Magnets are used in such a way