Wednesday, May 21, 2008

What are people saying about postcard magnet mailers?

I was scouring the web (you know, looking beyond the first page in google search results) to find out what people have been saying about the power of magnet mailers. Here are few comments I found a small business marketing forum

Here is the first post, starting the discussion:

I have worked with Realtors on marketing projects and magnets are very popular. Although they are more expensive than postcards or flyers, they seem to get noticed more often and 'stick around' for a longer period of time. (Sorry for the pun.)

It works for real estate agents but what about other business owners? Has anyone had any luck using magnets in personal marketing?

Here are the replies:

"I haven't tried using them to promote my business but I just went and looked at the side of our refrigerator and there were magnets for:

- a dentist
- a veterinarian
- a maid service
- a pizza place

They are great for holding up pictures so I get a reminder of the businesses as I look at pictures while standing in the kitchen.

And, I know I've used them as a quick and easy source for the phone numbers of those businesses."

Another comment said:

"I received magnets after my initial customer experience and it is a reference for future services. I wouldn't have been prompted to use for initial services based on this, but [the magnet] does reinforce my use as a continual customer and I do reference them periodically when needed."

Another commentator added:

"I've received a lot of different magnets from Realtors over the years. In addition to that industry, I've received magnet from Pizza shops, Car Dealerships, Chircopractors, Dentists and from my local City (recycling schedule).

It stands to reason that if magnets work for Realtors that they should work for any business striving to achieve "top of mind" awareness."

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