Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Client Testimonial about

We had a recent client who was so excited about the quality of the magnet mailers and our custom service he couldn't help but write up a testimonial. Here is his letter:

Accent Floor Care
6572 Glenwood Ave.. #422
Raleigh NC 27612

May 8, 2008

To whom it may concern:

I have had a running battle with my local telephone company about porting my business telephone number away from AT&T. I decided to quit trying to work with them and just inform my customer base that I was changing my phone number.

I have used refrigerator magnets for years to keep my name in front of my customers with great effectiveness. So, I wanted to send my customers a new magnet with my new phone number on it. Question was how to do it in a cost effective manner.

So I decided to go on line and look for a company that could provide a postcard mailing to my customer base. I wanted a postcard with a refrigerator magnet attached which could be easily removed by my customer and the cost had to be reasonable.

I found numerous other companies offering the product I was looking for. I had no previous experience with any of them and didn’t have time to wait for samples before making a decision on which company to go with. I selected a company and contacted them about supplying their product. When I didn’t get a response for 2 days, I looked for another company and decided to go with The other company finally responded after I had sent my order to

The process was very easy. I supplied the language and photos I wanted on the card and they set it up and sent me a proof. Once I approved the proof, the postcards were in the mail within two weeks!!!! I thought the price was great as it came in under $1 for the postcard including magnet bulk mailed to my customer list.

They sent me the overage vis UPS and when I opened the package, I could not believe the quality of the piece. It was outstanding.

If you have a need for their products, I highly recommend you contact They provide a great product at a great price and their customer service is superb.


Doug Blackley

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