Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Alternative Advertising

Thank you for the guys over at for posting this commentary on our product.

Alternative Advertising
Death and taxes are listed as the two certainties of life. I submit that we should add a new one, people will advertise to you and you will mostly ignore them.

Online vs Offline Advertising
Traditional advertising usually goes into billboards and mailers which are (in reality) not all too effective. Sure, for those people who haven’t heard of the “interwebs” it might still carry some weight but for the most part just sending people junk mail isn’t terribly useful.

Magnet Mailers
That’s where magnet mailers come in. The guys over at are putting a new spin on traditional advertising. Instead of just sending a simple postcard ad they send a magnet. Plenty of people need magnets so even if your service isn’t interesting at the time people are more likely to hang onto your magnet.

In my mind it advertising is usually a one-way street, advertisers take a consumer’s time and space. Consumers on the other hand get an opportunity to spend more money than they would have originally. Gee, thanks advertisers.

But Magnet mailers can be different, they essentially pay for a consumer’s time and the real estate on a refrigerator by providing a magnet!

Think about it this way, if you’re a plumber and you send out a mailer you are likely to get calls from people who need a plumber right then. But if they keep a magnet on their fridge with your contact you’ll get calls from people who need a plumber at the moment and in the future. It’s like having a billboard in someone’s house.

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