Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Making Mailing Ads More Valuable

What Happens to the Ads You Send?

Even if there aren't many bills and letters stuffed in my mailbox, I can usually count on a barrage of "junk mail" arriving almost every day. Sometimes I'm bored enough to glance through the daily stack of papers, but I usually don't have much time or interest to sort through them. That's why all the grocery ads, coupons, flyers and advertisements often end up lining the litter box, the fire place or the garbage can.

This is probably not what you envisioned when you paid to have your advertisements printed and mailed. So, if you are a small business owner trying to reach potential customers through direct mail marketing and you don't want your advertisement joining the others in the trash, let me give you a tip.

How can you stop wasting your money?

Send your target clients something that they can actually use. If you paid attention in the first paragraph, you might have noticed that some papers, the ones that were put to alternate uses like kindling and pet care, didn't end up in the garbage can. Even though you are probably still aiming for better reception than this, the kindling and the litter box liners illustrate an important point. People will hang onto something if it is useful.

Advantages of using Postcard Magnets

This is why I would recommend advertising via postcard magnets. Because the magnet is heavier and harder than the other paper ads in the stack, it will immediately stand out and capture customer attention.

Additionally, a magnet can meet your marketing needs by providing customers with your name, contact information and business hours while simultaneously being useful to your customers for tacking school projects, family pictures and grocery lists on the fridge. By sending something useful, you have overcome challenge number one: staying out of the trash can.

The magnet quality of the ad also helps you overcome challenge number two: getting good exposure. No one is going to look under the cat poop or sort through a pile of ashes to find old advertisements. But when your add is posted on the fridge, everyone in the house probably sees it at least three times a day and it will be the easiest place to reference when they need your services. After all, glancing at a magnet is faster and easier than pulling out a phone book or looking up a business on the internet.

Mailing is a good way to market to people because they aren't as hostile about getting mail as they are about getting telemarketing calls, but you do have to have a strategy for making your ads valuable and seen. This is exactly what postcard magnets help you accomplish.

Make Great Postcard Magnets for Your Company

If you want to get started on your own postcard magnet ads, check out the services at They can help you with everything from compiling mailing lists to using attractive graphic designs.

The author of this article, Art Gib, is a freelance writer.

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