Monday, October 08, 2007

Different is Good

The say that only half of your marketing is successful. The joke is that you don't know which half.

How can you tip the scales in your favor and increase your direct mail response rate? Send something different than what everyone else is sending.

Us humans are usually creatures of habit. We try to have a schedule and do the same things at the same time everyday. One of those daily tasks is to get the mail. Sorting the mail is easy, we recognize the bills, and the credit card offers and the other junk mail easily, because it always looks the same. There are a few things that stand out instantly, like a wedding invitation (you don't get those everyday), or anything that is hand written, and actually has a postage stamp.

What can a business do to stand out? How about send a magnet mailer? When was the last time that you received a magnet in the mail? It's not very common, right? That's exactly why it would catch you attention if you were looking through the mail.

Now you might be able to achieve the same effect with a catchy design on a postcard. But what are they going to do with the postcard? Unless the need your service that very moment they aren't going to pick up the phone the call. Maybe they will file the postcard away for later? Probably, but the problem there is the old "out of sight, out of mind". What if you could have your offer and your contact information 'stored' in a place where it would get seen, everyday?

That's why magnet mailers are just plain effective. How much would it cost to send out a postcard every single day? without doing the math, you know that would be insanely expensive. But realize that a magnet has that same power. On the fridge, at eye level, your magnet will get seen each and every day, for years! That's different; that's very, very good.

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