Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Increase attendance at college alumni events with magnet mailers

Postcardmagnet.com has seen an increasing number of sample requests from college alumni centers and offices of college advancement from across the county. Magnet mailers have been found to be a perfect way to help alumni save the date for upcoming events such as: annual giving banquets, homecoming, class reunions and other special events.

Why are magnet mailers becoming so popular with colleges? Magnet postcards are possible the only mailer you can send out well in advance of the your event date that is guaranteed to serve as a continual reminder. Postcards, on the other hand, even if they are saved from the trash can, will most likely end up lost or misplaced. Postcards don't have a place of their own like magnets.

Magnets will go directly from the mailbox to the fridge. Because the kitchen is the highest traffice area in the home, your save the date magnet will remind alumni of your upcoming event multiple times per day. If those invited are reminded of the upcoming event they are more likely to schedule time to attend and less likely to forget about it. This can increase attendance which can translate into increased financial support for the college.

Postcardmagnet.com is offering free samples to any colleges or universities interested in learning more about magnet mailers. Please visit our website at www.postcardmagnet.com for more details or call: 1-800-660-8668

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