Thursday, August 24, 2006

Political Magnet Mailers

Building name recognition is a critical factor to winning an election. People can't vote for you if they don't know what your name is. Unfortunately, a lot of people that go to the polls vote on name recognition alone. That's just human nature.

Another fact of human nature is that people hate junk mail. Junk mail comes, junk mail goes, right into the trash can. For this reason, most direct mail campaigns require multiple mailings, so that the accumlated few seconds of review on the short journey from the mailbox to the garbage amount in some kind impression.

If you really want to build name recognition, send something once that will be seen again, and again. How about even multiple times per day. Send a magnet and it will end up on the fridge. The fridge is the higest traffic area in the home. If you name and face, and perhpas some other useful information were displayed in every home in your voting district, day after day, from now until election day, that would make quite an impression. People would talk about the magnet they received. People would remember your name. People would think of you when they went to the polls. That is the power of a magnet.

Use human nature to your advantage. Build name recognition through multiple impressions. Keep your message (and your marketing dollars) out of the garbage.

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