Monday, March 27, 2006

Personalized Business Magnets

How many business cards have you been given that you just ended up losing? Maybe you stuck it in your pocket and forgot about it, or maybe you just didn't have an organized way to store and keep track of business cards so they all end up in an useless stack.

Did you ever stop to think that the business cards you pass out to other people get treated exactly the same way?

Here is a different approch - how about handing out a magnet. You have distanced yourself from your competitor's the moment you hand it out. "Wow, a magnet!" is the typical response. "That's cool."

Because it's different, it gets noticed and remembered. Instead of getting lost and forgotten, the magnet will most likely end up on the kitchen fridge or on a company filing cabinet. Instead of never being seen again, your business card with get scene day after day, again and again for years. I have clients who still have a magnet they received 10 years ago.

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