Monday, May 02, 2011

Magnet Postcards

Magnet Postcards are effective one simple reason - cost per exposure.

How many exposures do you get when sending a traditional postcard? One! At least that's the goal. And that would be when your postcard is reviewed along with all the other postcards and mail that came that day. After you mail piece gets looked over it will be thrown away and forgotten. With a postcard you only get one chance to make an impression.

But what if you could stand out from the crowd? Differentiate yourself from everything else in the mailbox? What if you would make sure your message would be around long after your competitor's direct mail had been thrown away and forgotten?

This is the power of magnet postcards. Because of their larger size and glossy, high quality appearance they stand out immediately. The attached magnet is removed from the postcard and kept on the fridge where it will be viewed again and again, day after day, taking your cost per exposure down to an incredibly low rate.

What other direct mailer will stay around as long as a magnet postcard?

No other product offers you so much time and exposure for your money.

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